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Between the years 1950 and 1980, the top tourist attraction for Latinos was the popular resort and hotels known as Las Villas of Plattekill located in New York. Originally owned and operated by Spanish immigrants, and later by Puerto Rican families, Las Villas was the original dance clubs that served as a summer vacation hot spot for Latinos that gave birth and rise to tropical music mambo, salsa, rumba, and merengue in the United States. Las Villas became a forum for showcasing live musical artists who would go on to become Latin music legends such as El Gran Combo, Ray Barretto, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Oscar D’Leon, New Swing Sextet, Chuito Velez, and many others. While their music gained popularity, Las Villas, too, became famous for introducing fresh musical performances that arrived there straight from the Caribbean in which is what now today forms part of the Latino's cultural heritage. The first film project of Ritmo Caribe Promotions, “Back to Las Villas,” is a special tribute that fulfills the purpose of bringing back the nostalgic pleasure for those who grew up in the musical era of the original great bands and artists.
The Back To Las Villas Documentary was officially selected for and featured at the 2016 International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City in November 2016. 
Viewer Testimonials:
Zelde Malevitz (Miami, Florida) - Just bought & watched Back to Las Villas. Great doc. Highly recommend. Truly an important piece of history not only for Puerto Ricans but for everybody! Friends! Get this film!
George Haskins (San Diego, California) - Very nicely done. It brought back a lot of memories. Long before I played with any band I would go to Las Villas with family of Mike Lebron and Don Pepin. Later, from 1968 to 1977 I played there every summer with different bands. I worked at least 8 different Villas but Sunny Acres every year.
Tony Rodriguez (Willingboro, New Jersey) – I loved it. You left me wanting more. All the anecdotes were right on the money. Amazing documentary. I hate when stuff is filled with inaccurate details. No inaccuracies here. Great job.
Nelson Rodriguez, Alma Del Barrio (Los Angeles, California) – It was amazing to learn more about Las Villas (The Spanish Alps), where so many of my family and friends would go to during the summer weekends in the late 60's and 70's, and how many Latino entrepreneurs were involved in those business'. Loved the rare photos and the actual names of all the resorts. Kudos to the producers of the documentary.
Me Voy Pa Las Villas - Jimmy Sabater
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Sylvia Vidal (Brooklyn, New York) – I loved the pictures, the music, the documentary. I wish I could have been able to witness it live. Remembering my parents listening to the music, and me dancing with my father. Thank you for what you have done. Put a smile on my face.
Norma Guardarramas (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – I loved the documentary. Thank you for the memories.
Priya Parrotta Natarajan (San Juan, Puerto Rico) – This film was informative and engaging, and I enjoyed it very much. It was a story I had never heard before, in spite of living in Puerto Rico. Thumbs up!
Jose Calderon, Que Viva La Musica (New York, New York) – We say, "There's not enough Latinos on film" or "Cuando nos van a dar esa oportunidad en el cine?" Well, certain opportunities have to be made, and then we run with it. Here is the case of the story of "Las Villas", a summer go-to spot for many Puerto Rican families in the 60's right up until the 80's, then kind of fading from our itineraries...and our memories. Thanks to Jimmy Castro, this documentary reconciles those moments in the words of many who we respect and admire, such Gilberto Colon Jr. "Pulpo", Frankie Morales and actual footage of a presentation there by Oscar D'Leon & his orquesta featuring Vladimir Lozano.
Glenn Reyes (Plattekill, New York) – Jimmy, thank you for making it happen man. I had a nice time seeing ol friends after so many years, over 33 years. I enjoyed the music and the documentary very much. Thank you and always a lotta love 4 you my brother.
José Rivera, Bronx Assemblyman (Bronx, New York) – I recommend it. Alot of History about the Puerto Ricans branching out to the Catskills Mountains of New York.
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